Tuesday, June 29, 2010

summer reading

I share with you, my nightstand...as it is right now, photo taken about half an hour ago.

Here we have the following:
  • My alarm clock
  • Lamp
  • Jewelry
  • Hair tie
  • A few candles
  • Stress relief pillow spray, part of an AWESOME birthday gift (thanks Alyson!)
  • A mini Eiffel Tower
  • My red Buddha
  • My latest summer reading :)
So Sadira and I were in Barnes & Noble this weekend picking up some last minute gifts for a baby shower we threw for two awesome friends on Sunday, and as I walked past the "Summer Reading" table, something very cool happened. I swear to you---this book jumped out at me. There were many other books on the table, several of which were favorites of mine, but this one said, "Buy me!" Kind of funny, since usually only shoes speak to me in such a way, but it happened. And I instantly thought of #18 on my list. Even more funny that I'm about 99% positive that I have an old copy of this book downstairs in my library, and I HARDLY EVER buy things unnecessarily these days. But I didn't think twice. Scooped it up and into the purchase pile it went.

18. Read or re-read 5 of "the classics."

Even more interestingly, I think this book is saving my life. Ha! While that sounds dramatic, I can really attest that reading a chapter or two each night before bed instead of zoning out in front of the TV is fantastic. I used to do this all the time when I was younger, but at some point in time replaced it with a nasty late night TV habit. I usually can never justify reading something that's not for school or work, so I'm really glad I added this to my list, so I have a REASON for reading. Reading before bed has greatly increased my quality of life. Especially when work is insane (a co-worker is resigning and I'm essentially taking over a good chunk of her work) and the school semester is in full swing. Oh, and not to mention I'm going to Connecticut this weekend and have guests in town next weekend.

Life is busy, but very very full.

I'll quit my rambling. I'm very excited to be revisiting this old tale, To Kill A Mockingbird (and I KNOW the title should be underlined, I just don't have the option to underline text, so there!) It's probably been 15 years since I last read Harper Lee's classic, but I can admit that it's much more of a page turner now at 29 than it was the last time I read it. Interesting what a decade and a half can do for perspective!

I'm about 5 chapters in. I'll let you know when I'm finished and "what I've learned." :) I also know one little Southern peach friend of mine who will be very excited about my numero uno book choice!

PS - I'm open to suggestions for the other 4 books I should add to my reading list!!!


Anonymous said...

I reread To Kill A Mockingbird last summer. I couldn't put it down and got so much more out of it than I did in Sophomore English! Great 1st choice :)

ps- Reading before bed is Heaven. I love it <3

Lindsey said...

WOOT WOOT!!!!! Thrilled. Best book ever. :D

One book that is not technically a classic but is on its way to becoming one is The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. Vietnam War memoir/fiction. Very thought provoking.

Amelia said...

Get that tv out of your room! It's bad for your brain ;) I've been reading Ernest Hemingway and enjoying it. I'd say rereading but I'm pretty sure I'd never actually read any of his books before even though I'm sure I'd had at least one assigned in school. Or you could read Kafka or Conrad and then explain it to me. Anyway, excellent first choice. Knew Lindsey would be pleased ;)

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