Monday, January 17, 2011

accentuate the positives

Brian and I, Santa Monica pier, May 2007, almost 4 months pregnant with Sadira...I can't wait for her to experience this "ex utero."

4. Drive the PCH and make good on my promise to the Cali girls.
7. Learn to play the drums.

Just a quick little post, since my heart is still broken over the Ravens choke job yesterday, blowing a 14 point halftime lead to our arch-nemesis, the Pittsburgh Steelers, in the AFC Divisional game...SIGH...

So I figured I'd post about two VERY EXCITING things I have coming up to re-focus my energy on the positive in my life, in an attempt to forget the negative.

FIRST, I've found my drum teacher. :)  I officially start lessons on February 7th...probably for about 3-4 months. I interviewed three different drum teachers over the phone and within the first minute of talking to this guy I knew he was the one.  AND he lives in my neighborhood...what are the odds?  I'm so so so so excited to learn a new instrument!!!!  Now if only I can find a place to store my practice drums, and actually PRACTICE... My house is unfortunately not an option due to my close proximity to my neighbors, and the fact that one of my neighbors is 154 years old.

SECOND, in just over a month Sadira and I will be taking the trip of a lifetime that will start out in Hawaii, and end with us driving up the beautiful California coast.  This trip was on my list to do last year, but we ended up having to take an extra year to save up for REALLY experience everything I'm hoping to experience.  And so this trip has been long awaited...and I couldn't be more excited!!!


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