Thursday, February 17, 2011


7. Learn to play the drums. - DONE!

Well, I guess I shouldn't really say I'm totally finished the learning process, but I'll admit I feel pretty confident after two lessons!

My first drum lesson was last week and my second was last night.  One more lesson on Monday before I'm out of town for a bit.  My teacher's this very cool dude named Mike. He's chill, he's talented, and I like the way he teaches.  Mostly, it's fun to do something FUN that's just for me.

So last night he says, "Do you know what a paradiddle is?"

"Isn't that when you have one headlight out?"

"No, that's a padiddle."

"Isn't it someone who looks like you?"

"No, that's a doppleganger."

"Alright I give up."

For those of you who AREN'T drummers, a paradiddle is a rudiment, which is basically a "building block" of drumming.  Fun little patterns that you learn to string together to make, you know, a song...or something that sounds cool.  

Clear as mud, huh? ;)

I think both my teacher and I were surprised by how quickly I picked it up.  It hasn't been nearly as challenging as I thought it would be, but I do have about 12 years of piano experience and a ton of dance experience so I do have SOME rhythm.  But it's still a learning process.

So now I know single stroke rudiments, double stroke rudiments, buzz rolls, triple stroke rolls, annnnnddddd  (drumroll please, pun intended)....the PARADIDDLE!  Which is basically just alternating notes, in a pattern of Right Left Right Right, Left Right Left Left.  So now you know!

Our lesson is basically half technique, rudiments, and practice.  The other half I get to learn drum beats for popular songs and learn to play along. 

And the cool thing is?  I'm up to about 8 songs now. :)

Oh, and of COURSE, Sadira LOOOVES having the drums in the house.  Whenever I practice, she announces, "your turn is over, MY TURN!"

$20 says after a few months she's a better drummer than me, haha.


tassie said...

As Nas's neighbor, I can verify that she really does sound great, even after just a couple of lessons. I thought she was being taught at her house...nope, it was her, jamming out.

Misty said...

We need a video of jamming Nas!!

I am so proud of you for all of the things you have crossed off your list! You are truly inspiring!

And as for Sadira... I see a stage performance in her future!!!

sun light said...

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