Tuesday, October 4, 2011

"it's been a long time, since you came around. it's been a long time, but i'm back in town..."



Remember me?

{I swear I'm wearing clothes in that photo, promise promise promise.}


Sorry I've been a slacker.

I really haven't been a slacker, I've actually been crazy busy, but I have been a blogger slacker. 

Blogger, it's been awhile.

My apologies.

I guess while I realized that some people read my blog (it's always funny when I mention something and someone says, "oh yeah! I read about that on your blog!"), I didn't really think anyone would notice if I was gone for a bit.  

But they did!

I'm not gonna lie, it's nice to be missed. :-)

I've actually been surprised by the number of people who've said to me, "Hey! When are you gonna write a blog post, it's been awhile!"  So here you go.  To all of the 4 or so people who read my ramblings, it's time to fill you in.

Sadira and I had a busy second half of the summer.  Here's the short list:
  1. I visited Lindsey in Atlanta, I saw her basement remodel. (#15)
  2. While there, I learned to shoot a gun. (#20) {Okay, sidebar, when I went back to proofread this post, I had typed "fun" instead of "gun."  See that Lindsey?!  Maybe my perspective's changing...Guns can be fun, y'all!  HA!}
  3. I did another "touristy" thing in my city, and saw the Grand Prix speed through Baltimore. (#21)
  4. I purged my shoe closet. Yes, it made me cry. (#25)
  5. I've been working on my list of "Prudent Advice" for Sadira. (#26)
  6. I have learned the difference between knitting and crocheting (kinda).  Still need to learn how to actually DO one. (#30)
  7. I walked the Susan G. Komen 3 Day. All 60 freakin' miles. (#2)
  8. We've kept on giving, at least once a month.  It's part of us, and we love doing it. (#10)
  9. We've gotten ourselves one step closer to making it to Disney World (SIGH...I am NOT a Disney fan, but Sadira is...)  (#14).
  10. I've finally hung those Roman shades that I bought in 2006. (#17).

Okay that last one's not true.

I haven't hung them.  But I did find them and bring them out of hiding, with the intent of hanging them.  So we're getting there, right?

Some other awesome things we've gotten to do...
  1. Sadie started pre-school.
  2. Sadie started ballet.
  3. Sadie started soccer.
  4. We made it through a hurricane and an earthquake, all in the same week.
  5. I got to attend a Ravens' game in a swanky Sky Box for the first time.
  6. I went to my very first NHL game - the Caps! And they won. :-)
  7. I treated myself to an indulgence, a delicious new Coach purse...and my friend bought a matching one, so we're twinsies. ;-) 
  8. This is not the first time that #7 has happened, it's actually happened twice, with two separate friends.  Yes, we are adults and not tweens.  And yes, both times we thought it was cute that we matched. #dontcareifitsafashionfauxpas.

I've also had some pretty mind blowing conversations with my soon-to-be 4 year old.  Conversations that I really didn't think we'd have at this age, but we have.  She's intiated, and I had to figure out had to respond. The two most recent things she's asked about were September 11th, and breast cancer.  

I don't know if I responded the "correct" way, or even if how I answered her questions made sense to her, but I intend on blogging about these things, because these are moments in our life that one day I'll forget.  And one day I want her to read and understand how her little mind worked when she was three years old.  It fascinates me, and I want her to know when she's older what an interesting amazing little person she was when she was little.

So that's our update. 

I'll try to be better.
I promise not to be so sparse. 
And I'm gonna get those damn Roman shades hung before my next birthday.



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