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29. Kick a field goal on an NFL field. - DONE!

This is another flashback post that happened WAAAY back in October.  I know, I keep posting that I have to get back to blogging...I am a work in progress with not much progress, huh?

Anyway, a little backstory.  One of the best things about being a Baltimore Ravens' fan is that this team does so so so much to involve the fans.  From the Spring Football Festival, to the Kid's club, and events on the field, and opportunities to meet and greet with the players, it really is pretty awesome.  For years summer training camp was also open to the public, but unfortunately it sounds like that is changing for good.  Regardless I have had wonderful experiences attending events sponsored by the Ravens organization, outside of the actual games.

One of my favorite events is the annual Purple ladies' night at the stadium.  Purple is the official women's Raven fan club, so it's a ladies only event.  They have player autographs, locker room tours, access to club level, information sessions with the coaches, on field drills, photo ops with the mascot and SB trophy...aaaannnnddddd the opportunity to kick a field goal on the field.

I have gone to this event several times in the past and had done pretty much all of these things, EXCEPT kicking a field goal.  So when I got tickets to this year's event, I knew it would be #1 on my list to accomplish.

Lauren went with me.  It was her first time attending, and she had a great time too.

We got to stand right in the middle of the field, standing on the crest.  AWESOME!

We got to see the lucky Raven statue the players all touch for good luck.

We saw the leftover notes from the previous game on the locker room dry erase board.
We took pics under the "Play Like A Raven" sign at the entrance to the locker room.

Posed for pics in the lockers.

Saw the lockers of some of our favorite players...

Ran through the tunnel.

Met "Rise" and "Conquer" the real live ravens who live at the Maryland Zoo.

Our autograph session time was 7:45.  Besides that, the only other thing we hadn't done yet was....KICK A FIELD GOAL!!!  So off we went to get in line.  It looked easy enough, right??

I lined up to kick, fully confident...

And at the last second they moved us over to "left kicking lane."  So I once again lined up to kick aaaannnndddd...
It went wide left. :-(

Lauren lined up aaaannnnddddd........
same thing.  That damn ball sailed wide left once again.

We walked away feeling a little defeated.  But it was time for our autograph session, so we didn't sulk for too long.
This was the scene on the field as we waited for our autographs.

We knew what we had to do.  We had to try again.

As soon as we had gotten our autographs, we headed back down on the field for round two.  This time, we insisted that we lined up on the right side (we both are right footed, after all).

Once again, I lined up first.


Next it was Lauren's turn..


Whew! Sweet vindication.  We celebrated like the game was on the line, there were 3 seconds left on the clock, and we just hit the game winning field goal.  Good stuff.

We got our picture taken with Capt Defense...

and I had to get a shot on the 30 yard line for obvious reasons....30 During 30!

Crossed another one off the list.  Thanks for joining me, L!!!!


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