Monday, October 11, 2010

c'est le joie de vivre! un certain je ne sais quoi!

Me on le troisième étage de la Tour Eiffel (top floor of the Eiffel Tower) on my third and most recent trip to Paris, in 2006.  I seriously cannot get back there fast enough!!!

Why am I spouting out French??  Why do I have a pic from a trip to France to head up this blog post???

Cause I did a little investigating!!

I didn't realize until very recently, that I could read all of my blog stats---how many hits my blog gets, by day, week or month...what websites lead folks to my blog...what search terms are most popular to find my blog...and most interesting to me--what countries my readers reside in!  I guess I never even considered the option that people outside of the U.S. would make it to my blog...I guess I didn't even think anyone other than my friends would read this either.

But I was pleasantly surprised that I've been read in 41 countries.  WOW!

And since July I've had over 10,000 hits.....

Not gonna lie, that's kinda crazy y'all.  
And I was particularly thrilled to find out that after the United States, the country with the second highest percentage of readers is...FRANCE!!! Quelle surprise!!

Most anyone who knows me well knows I have a little love affair with all things French.  I'm fairly certain I could live in the City of Lights for years and feel perfectly at home.  I just love the French language and how absolutely poetic it sounds when spoken.  I adore all things Parisian and would love to be able to laze away my days sitting in a quaint little cafe on the side of the Seine River, sipping Orangina and eating pain au chocolat.  Not to mention the fact that the French are known for wine, cheese, and chocolate---these are three things that I am absolutely positive could sustain me for the rest of my life.  One day when I am independently wealthy I will live in Paris for a year or so.  Maybe I'll retire there, who knows.

In the meantime, I would do just about anything to get Sadira to Paris.  I've daydreamed about her running around the foot of the Eiffel Tower...pointing out all of the sights as we take a boat ride down the Seine...visiting Notre Dame and having to scold her for chattering too loudly...dragging her against her will through the Louvre because "it's a famous museum and one day you'll be glad I brought you here."  I'm so ready to show her more of the world, but with grad school loans needing to be repaid, it's going to take a bit of time.  Unless I win the lottery of course, WHICH COULD TOTALLY HAPPEN.

While taking Sadira to Paris couldn't financially make it onto the "30 Before 30"'s definitely on the short list of goals in the next 10 years.

So if I can't make it France, at least I know my blog is making it there.  C'est magnifique!!

And a little shout-out for my Frenchy friends:

Bonjour mes amis Français! Je ne sais pas comment vous avez trouvé mon blog, mais je suis vraiment heureux que vous l'avez fait! Je pense que l'un de mes "30 avant le 30 de" aurait dû être de retour à Paris! À bientôt!


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