Tuesday, October 5, 2010

come sail away with me!

Do something I've never done before---it's not on the list, but SHOULD BE!
22. Spend more time outdoors.  - DONE!

Don't I look like a natural up there on the front of that boat?!?!

So this past weekend was a busy one.  On Sunday I was racin' for the cure, but Saturday was spent doing something I've never done before....SAILING!  It's kind of ironic that I've lived practically ON the Chesapeake Bay for all of my life but have never been sailing.  Fortunately Groupon was running a deal that was too great to pass up, and Brian (Sadie's dad) and I were able to sign ourselves up for a day on the bay!  It was great time because Brian's just returned back to Baltimore after his year of servitude in Columbus, Ohio, and it was great to do something together than neither of us had ever done before.

We got to Annapolis bright and early and after a brief 30 minute course in sailing terminology, we hit the deck.  Our sailing instructor's name was Kay, and she couldn't have been a cooler lady.  She's Australian and has been sailing for the majority of her life, and is actually sailing BACK to Australia in a couple of weeks---right from Annapolis!  Down into the Carribbean, through the Panama Canal and then heading towards Australia.  She said they'd be at sea for thirty days straight at one point--her longest leg at sea ever.

Yeah, she's way brave...

Anyway, we spent the first half of the day on the water.  We learned all the terminology....aft, bow, port, starboard, leeward, windward, boom, rudder, tiller, jib, main sail, spinnaker....I'm not going to pretend that I actually remember what all of these terms mean today, but in the moment my short term memory was rocking and I was shouting out calls like a pro!

We were lucky that it was a stunningly gorgeous, beautiful day.  We sailed past downtown Annapolis, took a peek at the Naval Academy, and then came back for lunch.  After lunch we went back out for the second half of the day.  That's when we really got to put what we learned into action.  Kay sat back and let us go at it..

"Helms a lee!"
"Ready to jibe!"
"Change point of sail!"
"Preparing to tack!"
"Jibe ho!"
"Secure the halyard!"

Not gonna lie, I felt a little like a pirate. ARRRRGHH MATEY!!

All in all, I learned that sailing is a lot of work, but most definitely worth it.  Especially on a day as beautiful as the one we had.  I can see how people can get addicted to this hobby. I'm not sure if a boat is in my future (since it's also a very expensive hobby), but I'd love to get out on the water again sometime soon.

Just next time we'll plan ahead and bring a few dozen steamed crabs and ice cold beers :)


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