Monday, August 9, 2010

shh...don't say anything, BUT....

20. Get Sadira 100% potty trained. - DONE!

I think I can say with confidence this one can be crossed off the list!!  I'm going to keep this brief out of fear of jinxing myself, but with the exception of one precautionary evening, we are on Day 8 of no diapers/no Pull-Ups, and there have only been two accidents total.  This morning (like ALL Monday mornings) Sadira had to be drug out of bed to start the day so I could get her to daycare and she was lagging.  Big time. Wouldn't get out of bed, wouldn't go on the potty.  So I said, "Alright, I guess I'll have to put a Pull-Up on you, since you don't want to get up and go to the potty."  Before I knew it she was up and in the bathroom taking care of business.  Whew!

She does NOT want to wear a diaper or a Pull up.  She is a big girl.  Big girls wear Dora, Kai-Lan and Yo Gabba Gabba underwear.

I'm not going to argue with that!  I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

I love that she came out of the bathroom and declared to us, "I'm rockin' the potty training!"

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