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Nicky J and I.  Beantown. November 09.

Since I've started this project I've been completely amazed by the amount of people who've reached out to me to tell me that they've been inspired.  Inspired by the goals I've chosen, inspired by the blog, inspired by the fundraising.  It's kind of knocked my socks off.  The emails, text messages, comments on Facebook, comments here on my blog or on my Over the Edge fundraising page, have really been so uplifting!  To be completely honest, I never really thought this project would be inspiring.  Interesting?  Yes.  Exciting? Most definitely.  Inspiring?  Ehhh, not too sure.  I figured I'd get a few "yo, she craaaaazy!"'s but I didn't think I'd get any "hot damn, I think I'll join her"'s. :)

Which was pretty silly of me to think, when in fact I was inspired by one of MY friends to complete this project in the first place.  If it wasn't for my dear friend Shannon, I probably wouldn't have started this crazy project, so honestly all the kudos go to her.  Shannon's really amazing at staying positive.  She has this enviable ability to learn something out of every experience (and go fig, she's a teacher, haha!).  I'm really lucky that happenstance made us friends twelve (12!!!!!) years ago, and even more lucky that the magic of technology has kept us in touch over all of these years, despite living hundreds of miles away from each other.  Sadira also adores her, and we have created wonderful memories of her mini trips to Baltimore ever since Sadie was just a few months old.  She's a great friend, and truly lives by the "No Day but Today" mantra.  So much, in fact, that she got inked with that phrase. ;)  So big thanks to Shannon myawesomefriendwhojustgotengagedtoanequallyawesomeguyandIcan'twaitfortheirwedding Plank!!  I love you girlie, you are the best. :)  More to say about Shannon in another blog post. ;)

The truth is, this past week has pretty much knocked me on my butt. Hard. It's the last week of school, which always makes me insane, and it's a pretty busy time at work, since we're still down one position.  That means lots of work, lots of homework, and lots of exhaustion for me.  I've tried to channel some of Shannon's positivity, and remember that I'm so lucky to have these opportunities and all the hard work will pay off soon, but at this stage of the game it can be tough.  The end is near, though, and I'm just one more assignment away from the completion of this, my second to last, semester.  WHEW!

But in all honesty I haven't felt very inspiring lately, probably because I've been too tired to feel much of anything!  I can't believe it's been 10 days since my last blog post, and I'm vowing now to not let that happen again.  If I want to document this process then I have to blog about it, dammit!


But there have a been a few AMAZING things that have happened. :)

First amazing thing: A couple of weeks ago I was procrastinating scanning through my Facebook homepage, and I noticed a posting with a link from one of my high school classmates, Allison.  The link said, "My 30 Before 30."  Here it is: I was shocked!! So excited!!  Do you know what this means???

It means this:

30. Inspire someone else to complete their 30 before 30. - DONE!

WOO HOO!!  Now I've had several friends tell me they were thinking about starting a list.  My friend Lindsey got a great start on hers (even though she still has to turn 29 first! youngin'!) and my friend Melanie made a 7 before 27 (her bday's coming up shortly, so she had a shorter time span to work with...another youngin'!) not to mention countless of other friends who've commented that they'd like to start a list.  But this was the first time I saw a real one in print!  And she even mentioned that she was inspired by my list!  YEAH!

(Give me a moment, while I pat myself on the back. Kay, thanks.)

So that definitely cheered me up during a time that I was ready to pull my hair out.

Second amazing thing:  With the help of my family and friends, in addition to their efforts to spread the word about my fundraising efforts, we have managed to raise $1,850.00 for the Over the Edge fundraiser!!! Of course 100% of these funds will be going to Gaudenzia's Women and Children's unit--AWESOME!!  I am sooo excited, and I'm still determined to hit $2K before I rappel!  With 27 days left until the event I just know it will happen.

The Gaga for Gaudenzia giveaway will end this Sunday at noon.  Just a reminder, one lucky winner will win a pair of tickets to the sold out Lady Gaga concert on September 7th in Washington DC.  Sadira will draw a name at random to select the big ticket winner!!  Two additional winners will win Lady Gaga's Fame Monster CD.  There's still time to enter, and a great prize to win for just a $10 donation!!  Tell your friends!! :)  The link is:

Third amazing thing:  My dear life-long friend Nicholas Jarosinski has signed up to go Over the Edge with me!!!!!!  We are going to rappel simultaneously, and I think having him there will be just the push I need to ENSURE that I don't wimp out.  (I'm not going to, but I'm just sayin'...if I wanted to, well now I REALLY can't..cause well, you know...that would be totally lame.)  So he's fantastic for that.  The really awesome part about this, is now instead of him just pledging me (which is still awesome, and I effusively THANK everyone who's pledged)  he's now committed to ALSO raising $500 for Gaudenzia---so that's even more money going to the cause!! I'm so excited about it, and I cannot wait.  His link is:

Nick's just a fantastic guy for signing up with me.  We've been friends since Kindergarten, and he's also Sadira's Godfather.  He's hilarious, absolutely adorable (ladies always love those baby blues, haha!) and such a great friend for doing this with me.  His bday is just a day away, so he will soon also join Club 29.  ;) We've had a few adventures together before this, but nothing as crazy as this rappel.  I know it will be an amazing experience, and I'm more confident than ever that I'll be able to conquer my fear with Nick's help and my Mom and Sadira cheering us on from the ground. 

Despite the sleep deprivation, and waaaay too many hours worked in the past couple weeks, I'm inspired.

Inspired by Allison, inspired by Nick and inspired by all of those who've pledged for Over the Edge.  THANK YOU.

Inspiration is contagious. 

Pass it on!


Anonymous said...

You're inspiring too :) Thanks for making me smile. I love you, girlie! :)

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