Thursday, September 30, 2010

baby bunny

3. Write a letter to a friend every week for one year. 

This week's letter went to my tiniest new friend...Lillian Patricia Debelius born 9/22/10.  She shares a birthday with my Nana, my sweet great grandma who passed when I was 23.  I was so lucky to have my great grandma in my life for so long, and I love that Baby Lillian will share a bday with such a fantastic lady.

Dear Baby Lillian,

I'm sure you're not aware of this yet, but I'm doing this little 30 before 30 project, and one of the goals I'm trying to accomplish is to write a letter to a friend every week for one year.  While emails are fun and convenient, sometimes it's much more special to receive a letter in the mail.  Since you are definitely one special little girl, it made perfect sense to include you on my list. 

Today is September 28th, 2010 and you were born just last Wednesday!  That means you are only 6 days old today!  You can't even really see yet!  But you can hear, and we sure do love to talk to you and tell you about the world you live in.  Your days are packed with sleeping, eating, stretching, snuggling with your mommies and getting to know your doggies, and meeting lots and lots of family and friends.

Speaking of family and friends, I don't know if you've figured this out yet, but there are so many people who love you and are excited that you are here!  If you can even believe this, we loved you before you were even born!  Crazy, huh?  There were friends and family all over the world who were following along your mommies' journey to have you --you are one popular little baby!  Your mommies worked very hard to do everything just right so they could have you.  They wanted you very very much!

And while they probably won't tell you this for awhile--they were overjoyed to have a little girl.  Of course everyone would've loved you just as much if you were a boy--but you were meant to be.  The day everyone found out you were a girl was a very exciting one for all of us.  We celebrated with pink cupcakes!

I want to tell you a little about your mommies.  I'm sure you will figure out all of this as you grow up, but consider this letter a bit of a head start.

Your mommy Lauren and I have been friends since high school. I've always been jealous that she has the perfect hair.  Have you noticed that yet?  Well, she does.  She is also a fun loving Gemini just like me, which can be a recipe for fun or disaster.  When we were in high school we went on our first trip abroad together--to France.  That trip changed my life in two ways: I learned how much I love to see different parts of the world, and I became good friends with your mommy.  Life has made sure to keep us close since, including a few years at the same college.  Oh Lillian, the stories I can tell you about your mother when we were in college! (When you are much, much older of course...)  the first thing that comes to mind about your mommy Lauren is that she is one of the most generous people I've ever met.  She's also funny, smart, sympathetic, convincing, silly, grumpy in the morning (but who can blame her?), kind, lots of fun, helpful and thoughtful.  She will be your absolute BEST friend and playmate when you are a precocious toddler and preschooler and want to PLAY! PLAY! PLAY!

Your mommy Rene and I met in college, not too long after your mommies started dating.  We also got to do some travelling together, and all three of us went to London! We had a great time and even got to celebrate your mommy Rene's birthday while we were there.  I'm sure you've figured this out from all the yummy things you got to taste while in your mommy's belly, but your mommy Rene is a GREAT COOK! You may not appreciate this when you are 3 and she tries to feed you beet greens, but you sure will when you are a college freshman and she shows up at your dorm with a bunch of homecooked goodies!  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of your mommy Rene is that she is one of the kindest people I have ever met.  She is definitely an old soul and will give you great advice about the world as you grow up.  She's also smart, witty, focused, a bit of a perfectionist, sweet, generous, and fiercely loyal.  She will be your absolute BEST friend when you are in high school and feel like you just don't fit in or had your heart broken for the first time.  She will know the perfect words to say and will be your confidante.

You have a great family, filled with people who love you so much and were eager to meet you.  You will have a lot of fun with them - you have some very fun relatives on both of your mommies' sides of the family!!! You also have a big group of friends who were counting down the days until you made your big arrival.  I know, because I was one of them!  Your friend Sadira may be a little jealous of all the attention you are getting right now, but deep down she loves you very much and is so excited you are here.  She even gave you the nickname Baby Bunny (hope you don't mind!)  You'll be able to understand when you are a little bit older and able to play with her.  Sadie helped to teach your mommies (and doggies) just what it's like to have a little girl around before you got here, so they would be completely ready and excited for when you came along!  I hope that you and Sadie will grow up to be great friends, just like your mommies and I are.

I wish for so many wonderful things for you in your future, Baby Lillian, and I hope you always know just how loved you are!  I can't wait to see you grow up and what kind of person you will be...just please don't grow too fast, okay?




Go Team! said...

how can your heart not melt when you see that pic. she is adorable as is her hat, omg! hmmm, could a bossy 3 year carry off that hat.

CONGRATS! and ENJOY that beautiful lil' girl, she is truly precious.

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