Thursday, June 30, 2011

the long and the short of it

26. Get a brave and unexpected new haircut (or color). - DONE!

While it ended up not being very unexpected, this was very brave thing for me.

Remember this post?  Last weekend I followed through with my Locks of Love donation.  My stylist, Dana, was super supportive and talked me through the whole thing.  She knew I was attached.  First we just needed to get the 10 inches cut off and then we could talk new style.

So Dana measured it out, separated my hair in to two ponytails, and braided them.  Next it was time to snip snip snip.  I'll admit, I was ready.  There were no tears, despite my nervousness.  Here are some pics:

 All braided up...

 (Notice Sadie, the mini-photog):


Dana and I talked about the cut for my new 'do, and we both agreed on what we wanted to do.  Dana's great like that, she's never cut off more than I asked, always listens to what I want, and has never ever disappointed!  I was super happy with what she did with my newly short(er) hair:

When we were all finished (and I got over the shock) I got my stuff together to head to the front and pay, and that's when Dana told me there was no charge.  I looked at her kind of confused and she said, "Anytime anyone donates their hair, I don't charge, cause of, you Mom."  

Dana's mom passed away 3 and a half years ago from pancreatic cancer.  (D, forgive me if I got any of the details wrong...) It's definitely not something I forgot ( actually her mom probably comes up in conversation at some point every time I see her) but I didn't really think of the correlation between Locks of Love and Dana's mom.  Don't know why, but I didn't think about it.  But when I did, it made it all that more special to have Dana do this cut for me (and NOT because she gave me a free cut).

Later in the day, I was on the phone talking to a friend about the experience, and I must've said something about liking the new cut but still missing my long(er) hair.  When I got off the phone Sadie said, "but Mommy, some little girl just like me will get a wig made from your hair, doesn't that make you feel good?" I hadn't really explained the process of WHY I was cutting my hair and WHERE it was going to Sadie, but I remember when I was siting in the chair Dana had told Sadie all about it.  And Sadie remembered and reminded me, just when I needed a reminder (she always does).

Just another experience that puts things into perspective.  My beautiful long hair that I loved so much, my security blanket, is JUST HAIR.  And it will help a little child out there going through a battle much tougher than I've ever had to fight.

PS - If anyone in the Baltimore area is looking for a stylist, I can't recommend Dana highly enough.  You can find her at Public Image Salon in Timonium.


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