Wednesday, February 8, 2012

365 project - weeks fourteen and fifteen

13. Take a picture every day for one year.

My sweet sister had these sent to work for me today!!! What a great surprise!! 

Opening ceremonies at the Washington DC Susan G. Komen 3 Day. Little did we know what was in store for us. 

Love these ladies. How lucky am I to have them as part of my extended family? 

With less than half a mile to go in our 60 mile adventure we stopped to tie a pink bow on the fence of the White House, to let them know we had been there. One was mine, one was Alix's, and one was Blanca's.

A snapshot of my computer monitor shows a Today Show feature on Cate Edwards (daughter of Elizabeth Edwards) who walked in our 3 day...and there is our girl Blanca on the sideline!! 

Flower power! Love my girl.

Every once in awhile...she falls asleep in her stroller just like she did when she was a baby. I love it. 

Sidewalk chalk is a serious medium to work with. Please do not bother the artists while they are at work...they will ignore you. 

My first Caps game!  With my sweet friend Sarah who's back in the office for a few days from Connecticut...just long enough to take me to see my first game, first shoot-out, and first Caps win! 

Weber's Farm: a northeast Baltimore City kid tradition. 

Sky box!  I still don't know how it happened...but in a span of 6 hours I went from planning on watching the game at home, to watching the game in a Sky Box with all the free food and drink I wanted. Oh yeah, from the 50 yard line. Oh yeah, and it was a Sunday Night Football game. Oh yeah, we won.

Sppooooooookkkkyyyy!!! Silly Sadie ghost.

My cookie baker, hard at work as usual. 

Fall is here!  Sliding down the hill at the pumpkin farm. 

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