Tuesday, July 12, 2011

365 project - week three

13. Take a picture every day for one year.

Summer reading has begun! Sadira has a goal of reading 35 books (with help from Mama) before the end of the summer. This was her first batch of completed reads. 

Sadie missed Poppop while he was in the hospital. I think he missed her too. Fingers crossed that he starts feeling a bit better, and that his most recent procedure helps. 

Silver hoops will always be my most favorite kind of jewelry. I think I've had every variation of the silver hoop ever made. These most recent pretties were a gift from my mom, that she picked up over the weekend of the 4th. 

Gardening is my least favorite chore. But looking up from my weeds and seeing this praying mantis staring at me was pretty cool. Sadira was enamored, and her sidewalk chalk was soon forgotten in favor of this little dude. 

Ran into these two Great Pyrenees (Pyreneeses? Pyreni?) after grabbing some dinner post-Pirate cruise. They were so sweet, let the kids hug all over them, and reminded me of the St. Bernard I had growing up. Like two 150 lb cotton balls. Here's to hoping their owners have no black furniture...or black clothes. 

Tried to re-create the bouquet Christina made for an event at work. I think Audrey liked them. 

Most days we eat at the table, with no TV, and we talk about everything that happened during our day. Then there are days like today.

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Mary said...

Awww, Allie!!! What a sweet girl...I think about her every time I see a St. Bernard. She was the perfect companion for our Diet Coke and Dill Pickle after school snack and our Bi-Rite baked macaroni and cheese dinner.

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