Friday, July 22, 2011

365 project - week four

13. Take a picture every day for one year.

Good timing is when you have a 15 minute errand to run, find a parking spot, and then discover that there are 19 minutes left on your meter from the person who was there before you. 

Post game broadcast live from Camden Yards. 

Welcome weekend.  Friday after work, sun shining, sunroof open, windows down, and music up high for my entire 26 mile commute home. End result? Messy hair and happy soul. 

Summertime joy is being three years old and running through the mist-tent at Artscape until you are soaking, wringing wet. 

Artscape, Day Two.  This collage of characters was painted on the side of a historic car.

Dusk in the neighborhood.  No, my camera's white balance was not set on tungsten light, the entire sky was glowing blue on this day. 

The Big Uneasy at the Charles Theater.  An eye opening film, and great experience meeting the director, Harry Shearer.

For my complete project, visit: NassyMirjaf's 365 Project.


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