Sunday, July 10, 2011

arrrgh matey!

21. Do at least three touristy things in my own city. - One down

Living on the Chesapeake Bay, we are no strangers to seeing all different kinds of boats on the water.  But last year, when I saw a real, live, pirate ship sailing around the Inner Harbor, I couldn't believe my eyes.  After doing a little research I discovered it was Urban Pirates, a company that does family adventures, and adults only BYOG (bring your own grog) sailings.  I put in on my list of things to do.

Fast forward a year later, and I came across a deal on Living Social for discounted tickets and didn't even have to think twice to buy some.  I asked my friend Kerri and her son Sean (Sadie's best friend, Boo) if they wanted to go, and we picked a date.

Today was the day!

We boarded the boat in Fell's Point, which is already a cool, historic area of town.  Before we set sail, we got some souvenirs and got our picture taken with our Captain--a REAL pirate!

Once aboard we got....
official outfits:

tattoos and pirate names:

pirate facial hair!

We learned the rules of the ship...

(listened very carefully)..

and listened to the pirate tale.

At that point Sadie got a little overwhelmed by the bigger kids and overheated by the heat (it is July, after all).  So she sat out of some of the group activities until she cooled off.  The pirates were great and gave her cool water and wet towels to help her feel better.  Pretty soon she was back to herself, but she opted to watch instead of participate, which was fine.

Sean did all of the pirate dances he is "shakin' his booty"...

and doing the limbo:
and blastin' some tourists with the water cannon!

We saw a pirate fight:

Shot the water cannons some more:

And found the rogue pirate who stole our treasure!  We shot him with the water cannons and soon got our treasure back:

All the little pirates got a share of the treasure...

Then it was time to walk the plank, grab some dinner, and head home.

It was a very fun day, despite a few minor meltdowns (due to lack of naps), but that's to be expected.  All in all, a good day was had by all, scallywags and scurvey pirates alike!  Loved this day, loved our adventure, love this city, but most of all..
love these kids.


Lindsey said...

Seriously, the cuteness factor is exponential when those two are together!

Emily said...

I'm glad Sadie recovered from getting overheated...that is not a good feeling. Looks like y'all had a blast! :)

Kerri said...

This was very well put together. I do love that Sadie and Sean are able to spend so much time together and are such good friends. The cuteness is indeed out of control!

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