Saturday, July 31, 2010

delicious days of summer!

22. Spend more time outdoors.

It's really easy to work on #22 when we have days like today.  The weather could not have been more perfect!  

When I first added this goal to my list the first thing I thought was, "ugh, my boss would not approve."  Not because she isn't in favor of spending time outdoors---she definitely is---because from a QI standpoint, it's a terrible goal.  When you work in the field of surveys, evaluations and outcomes, metrics are very important.  The question becomes, what the heck qualifies as "more?"  I thought it over and over, my work brain influencing my non-work brain...

Spend an average of 50% more time outdoors.
Significantly increase my outdoor time by a minimum of 8 hours per week.
Complete a minimum of 10 outdoor activities per calendar month.

And then I remembered...this is a personal project, not a work one.  I can say whatever I want! MUAHAHAHA!

So I kept it basic...and it's been pretty easy so far, since I started this project in the summer.  Sadie and I frequently takes walks to the playground during the week after dinner, and many weekend mornings are spent splashing around in her pool.  I usually make it a goal of spending one day per weekend doing as many outdoor activities as possible.

Last weekend Brian, Sadira's dad, was in town from Ohio.  We decided to take a trip to the beach for the day, since he'll still be in school when Sadie and I go on our vacation in a few weeks.  We spent the ENTIRE DAY outdoors (when we weren't driving in the car).  This is the first year that Sadie really loved  and enjoyed the beach, and I cannot wait to take her back in a few short weeks!

Today when we woke up I remembered we were out of milk.  So we walked to the store and picked some up.  Normally in this situation I would've just hopped in the car, even though the store is just a block away, because we needed to come back and eat breakfast..but not today.  Why rush?  We may be a little hungrier when we come back, but so what?  Life is not a race.  I've changed my priorities a bit, it's something that I'll write more about in a future blog post...still testing it out, but for now, it's working.  And I'm enjoying the simplicities of the ordinary days so much more.

The minute I stepped outside I knew it was going to be a perfect weather day.  We leisurely strolled to the store to buy our milk, then swung by the post office to drop a few things off.  It's one of the advantages of living in the much in a short radius, you don't need to always race around in the car.  We took the long way home and circled around the neighborhood past the park and stopped to say hi to a few of the neighborhood doggies we know (and their owners, of course).

Came home and after breakfast, Sadie decided today would be a pool day.  So back outside we went.  And we stayed there until naptime.  It was delightful.  After nap, we went to the playground.  Practically the entire neighborhood was there, it was great.  Sadie made friends, I made friends...and the best part is, I have no idea how long we were there because I purposely didn't take my cellphone and I don't wear a watch.  We'd come home by the time the streetlights were on---that was the old neighborhood rule when I was a kid.

We accomplished so much today, yet we didn't get in our car once.  I love that.

Tomorrow we have plans of heading out to Ravens' training camp in the morning, and friends over for more swimming in the late afternoon.  I'm trying to savor these weekend summer days before we're back in the rigor of the work week and school schedule.

Tomorrow I'm also announcing some MAJOR news concerning my Over the Edge fundraiser...I'm so so excited about it, and still CANNOT BELIEVE that we have raised $1,515.00 for Gaudenzia's Women and Children's Center!!!!!!!!  I can't even imagine what the final amount is going to be in September, and I encourage everyone to spread the word!! And if you're interested in rappelling with me---there's still plenty of time and room!  For more information just go to:


Amelia said...

yay for spending time outside!! And I'm so impressed with your fundraising. I'll pledge some money some day ;) I kinda want to see you do this, too, it looks pretty awesome. And we found a nice campground near Fredrick. Just sayin' :D

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