Wednesday, June 22, 2011

new year! new look! new list!

(my desk confetti)

"the list" v2.0

Well, you didn't think I'd quit this thing now just cause I turned 30, did you?

I'm gearing up for Round Two :)

Nasrene's 30 During 30:

1. Take a trapeze class
2. Complete the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk
3. Re-learn how to play Mendelssohn's Rondo Capriccioso on the piano
4. Spend one week completely "un-plugged"
5. Catch up on all of Sadira's baby books/photo albums
6. Go vegetarian for one month
7. Participate in a flash mob
8. Re-learn how to make an origami crane.  Impress Sadira with my skillz.
9. Learn how to cook Gormeh Sabzi.  Preferably from my Nanay.
10. Keep on giving...once a month to a organization that can use it.
11. Learn how to solve the Rubick’s cube.
12. Ride in a hot air balloon.
13. Take a picture every day for one year. (
14. Visit Disney World. Preferably with Sadira.
15. Check out Lindsey's basement person. ;)
16. Run a 5k again. SIGH.
17. Finally hang those Roman shades I bought for the living room in 2006.
18. Re-do Sadie's bedroom.
19. Watch at least one of those dang Twilight movies.  Try to understand what all the fuss is about.
20. Learn to shoot a gun.
21. Do at least three touristy things in my own city.
22. Get Janet to New York City.
23. Take Sadira to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular.
24. Blog about Hawaii (happy, Jamie?!) ;)
25. Purge my shoe closet. Even if makes me cry.
26. Create my own book of "Prudent Advice" for Sadira
27. Spend a whole weekend of quality time with my sister Tessa.  Do something really special for her.
28. Have a meal at the Woodberry Kitchen, since it's all I keep hearing about.
29. Go to the Preakness
30. Learn the difference between knitting and crocheting.  Then learn how to do one of them.

Oh! And let's not forget...finish any outstanding items on my 30 BEFORE 30 list. :)


Lindsey said...

You can knock out #30 and #15 at the same time. :D

So excited!!!

Lindsey said...

Oh wait!!! And #20!!! Seriously, girl's shoot out at the A'ville Sporting Range will be part of the weekend.

ashleigh said...

I'll help you with #20

Donna said...

24 Made me LOL. Now I'm the crazy girl laughing fit no reason at her desk. Thanks!

Itty_Bitty_Wittes said...

I am doing a 365 for my 30 now and I love it!

Go Team! said...

#26 will be a Best Seller on Plan B

Love the new list.

(I couldn't have Done #15 on your the 30 before 30 list for a year....2 weeks maybe a month but no where near a year.)

Here to Continued Success!!!

Melissa said...

I call #14

Jamie said...

Number 24 is not enough. It should read blog about and visit Hawaii again.

Tassie said...

I have got dibs on teaching you how to shoot a gun. And knitting, too, if you want.

But shooting for sure...

And! I can loan you the Twilight books, if you'd like. They're way better than the movies.

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