Saturday, September 15, 2012

a very johnston weekend part deux

Go to the farmer's market - DONE!
Spend a whole day at Annie's Playground - DONE!

So a few weeks ago my friend Kim contacted me about getting our girls together.  In typical KJR fashion I got the following text:

"Hey darlin, how about we pick a day and head to the Farmers' Market followed up by some Annie's Playground in the afternoon?  I know a few Johnston girls that would love to hang out!"

And just like that my friend Kim figured out how to knock a few more items off of the summer list together with our girls.  The funny thing is, the two things she suggested doing were two of the remaining summer list "to do's" that we didn't have upcoming plans already set to do.  In other words, her plan was perfect.

The last time Kim and I hung out, we spent a weekend together and had a blast with the girls tearing through the summer list tasks.

I had a sneaky suspicion that this time would not be different...even better, her sister Katie (Sadie's BFF) was flying home from Arizona the night before and would be in town to hang out with us.


First stop was the Farmer's Market.  There are several farmer's markets in Baltimore City, but this was one of the biggest--and the one that I hadn't already been to (we normally go to the Waverly Farmer's Market).  So we set off for downtown and managed to squeeze into a parking spot under the JFX.

Did I mention it was right under the highway? Cause yeah, it really is.

Saw this and thought of my friend Amanda.

Love these:

Getting our apple on:

Sadie's mini-melon:

Where else can you get peacock feathers for a dollar?

Dangerously Delicious pies!

"Skadie" sharing a moment:

We even found this awesome Orioles' headband!

And then the best part...a hula hooping contest before we left.


 This is the part where I reveal I spent the whole day with Kim while she wore a Ben Roethelisberger jersey...yep, that's how much I love her! hahaha

Apparently one must hula hoop at the Farmer's Market.  Who knew?

After that we got on the road and went to Annie's Playground...this playground is GIANT.  And has a bittersweet story attached to it.

 See? This place is huge!

Don't our children looked thrilled?

(Just kidding, they loved it)

LOVE this pic of Kim and Natalie...even if she HAS to be in that wretched jersey. ;-)

(Saying bye to Katie is always tough.  Had to sneak in some extra snuggles...)

It was perfect weather and a great day.  Just what I needed after a horrible, stressful, terrible work week.  Pretty much everything went wrong last week, it was nice to have a weekend where everything went right.

Can't wait for our pumpkin farm date in the fall, Johnston ladies!!!


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