Monday, September 10, 2012

take a walk through my neighborhood

So as I mentioned in my last post, Sadira and I went on a long training walk last weekend, though I'm not training for anything this year.  Last year I was preparing for the Susan G. Koman 3Day for the Cure walk (more on that in another post) and had to practice walking freakishly long distances in all kinds of weather in preparation for my 60 miles in 3 days adventure.

(This proved very helpful when on the first day of 3Day it poured and poured and rained and poured.)

In a strange sort of masochistic way, though, these training walks started to be really fun and I got to enjoy them more and more.  Mostly becuase we were walking through the city, through little neighborhoods that I knew and loved, but never had the time to thoughtfully explore. 

And I'll tell you, it's amazing how some place you drive through every day looks completely different when you take to the street.

Our usual route is about 10 miles roundtrip and looks like this:

But sometimes we got a little crazy and walked all the way to Fort McHenry and back (17 miles roundtrip).

That sh*t cray.

The coolest thing about these walks (other than getting my training in) was taking in all the sights I've seemingly driven right past before. 

When we were putting together our Summer List, one of the things Sadira wanted to put on it was "walk from our house to Federal Hill and back."

So we did.

Here's a set of my favorite photos from last weekend's walk.  Come take a walk through my neighborhood:

I have so many photos that I love from these walks.  Tons more from last year's training walks that I want to post.  Just to have them documented somewhere.  Little pieces of our day to day life, right now.

Hopefully I can get around to that one of these days...


Emily said...

beautiful pictures!!

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