Wednesday, September 19, 2012


 Attend an outdoor movie night - DONE!

Living in Baltimore City there are lots of opportunities to attend an outdoor movie night in the summer.

In Federal Hill there are the Flicks on the Hill at the American Visionary Arts museum on Thursday nights.
In Little Italy there is the Cinema al Fresco series on Friday nights.
In Fells Point there are the Films on the Pier on Wednesday nights.

Charles Village, Johns Hopkins campus...the opportunities go on and on.  Apparently in Charm City we just love an outdoor movie.

But one of our FAVORITE movie nights has got to be the Ravens Rookies movie night on the field at M&T Bank stadium.  For the bargain basement price of $6, you get to camp out on the field and watch a movie from the jumbotrons.  

There are also autograph sessions, locker room tours, meet and greets with the mascot and cheerleaders, and tons of other kid-geared fun.

To top it all off, this year's movie was The Lorax, one of Sadira's FAVORITE movies of this year.

We were excited to go.

Even better, two of Sadie's BFFs met us there--Sean and Olivia :-)

Before the movie started we played on the field and ran some drills...

We paid our respects to Art Modell...

And spelled my name out of Ravens' letters :-)

(Come on, you know it's cool... Lucky Sean can spell his name in Ravens letters too) :-)

 Then the movie started...

And the whole time I kept thinking how this year the experience of watching a movie on the field was so different from the last time we came, two years ago when the kids were 2 (almost 3) years old.

Last time we could barely get them to sit still.  They were more content to run and chase each other around the field.  I don't think they even remember what movie we saw.  

This time, I couldn't pry Sadira's eyes away.  She didn't even want to tour the locker room because she didn't want to miss a moment.

So different.

So of course after I came home and uploaded the pictures I had to take a look and compare to 2010:

Greeting each other then:

And now:

 Posing with the S (for Sadira) then:

 And now:

Sadie and me then:

And now:

And saving my personal favorite for last...

Watching the movie, deep in thought, then:


And now:



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