Saturday, August 25, 2012

for the birds

We live in Birdland.

In Baltimore we split out fandom between our baseball team and our football team.

In the spring and summer, it's all about the Orioles.  In the fall and the winter we are dedicated to the Ravens.

I once saw a billboard that said, "We bleed orange in summer and purple in winter.  It's weird."

It's funny, but so true.

It's convenient that the stadiums are right next to each other.  It makes it easier for the Birdland faithful to make their pilgrimage.

Here's a shot I took from the air when I was in the helicopter:

This time of year is that very special time when the teams' schedules overlap.  The Orioles are winding down their season as the Ravens are starting theirs up.

Usually the Ravens are a welcome distraction from whatever slump the Orioles have gotten themselves into over the course of the spring and summer.  It's a well known fact that the Ravens have been infinitely more successful in their sixteen years here so far than the Orioles have in the past sixteen years.  In fact, since 1996 the Ravens have gone to the playoffs eight times, while the Orioles have only made the postseason once.

HOWEVER, this year the Orioles are actually having a great season!  So instead of drowning our Orioles' sorrows by downing beers at a Raven's tailgate, we are actually excited about BOTH the same time!

This past Thursday night Sadira and I had plans to go to the Ravens preseason game against the Jags. We were very much looking forward to it, since this was our first Ravens game of the season.

During work on Thursday, my friend Leah won four tickets to the Orioles game against the Blue Jays on Friday night.  Leah generously offered Sadira and I two of her tickets.  Of course we couldn't say no!

Back to back nights.
Back to back games.
Back to back birds.

That's how we do in Birdland!

Thursday night:

Friday night:

Here's to hoping 2012 really IS the...


Misty said...

Sadie is just so beautiful! Orange and purple are definitely her colors! Go Birds!

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