Monday, August 6, 2012

perfect weekend

This weekend was a perfect weekend.  I'm often hesitant to use the word "perfect" but in this case, it fits.
It was the perfect mix of fun and relaxation.

I wish every weekend could be so well balanced.

We did some things we've never done before, hung out with great friends, and even knocked a few things off our summer list.


Crabbing with Jenn.  After a crazy, busy, hectic Friday, and a ridiculous commute home (with no AC), and some iffy weather all afternoon, we weren't even certain that our night out on the boat was going to be possible.   But THANKFULLY, the weather cooperated, we got there EVENTUALLY (damn traffic), and it turned out to be a BEAUTIFUL evening on the water.

Jenn's aunt and uncle (Barb and Bob) graciously hosted us on their boat.  It was perfect.

Rockin' that life vest.

At this point in the evening someone said, "we should probably pull the line up soon, since the sun is going down."

To which my four year old replied, "The sun's actually not going down, it's just moving to a different part of the earth.  Like California or something."

Yep, that's Sadira!

We had SUCH a good time, the weather was absolutely PERFECT, the sunset was gorgeous, and there's just something so CALMING about being out on the water after a long and stressful day.

Lucky Sadira even got to steer the boat :-)


We slept in, made the best pancakes ever (seriously, didn't mess up a single one, they were perfect...when does that ever happen?), then both Sadie and I took a FOUR HOUR NAP.  It was glorious!

That evening we had Kerri and Sean over and had...what else?  STEAMED CRABS!

We were going to go to training camp, we were going to go to the farmer's market...we were going to do so many things on Saturday...but we just didn't.

And that made the day absolutely perfect


We went to visit our friends the Kelley's.  We had a delicious lunch and went swimming.

And when storm clouds showed up and forced us out of the pool, we didn't even care. 

We packed up, went back to the house, and ran around in the rain. :-)

We ended up staying for dinner too.  And the Kelley's are so awesome, they didn't mind us hanging around.  In fact, we kind of had to kick OURSELVES out when it started getting late.


Everything about this weekend was just what I needed.  Thanks Jenn, Kerri, Erika and TJ!


Emily said...

I can totally see why the entire weekend was perfect!

Shannon said...

I love your pictures!!! Glad you had a great weekend!

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