Thursday, August 9, 2012

phursday phavorite photo: that bunny girl

Know who that is?  Why, it's Baby Bunny, of course!  Except she's not so much a baby anymore, in fact in just about six weeks she'll be a full fledged TWO YEAR OLD!  (Woo hoo, two is my FAVORITE age, and for once I'm not being sarcastic!)

Baby Bunny (AKA Lillian) paid us a visit yesterday and brought these beautiful flowers.  In return Sadie taught her how to run through the sprinkler, and we sent her home dripping. :-)

In just under three months, on November 7th we'll be celebrating Sadira's fifth birthday.  And the day before that on November 6th the Maryland same-sex marriage referendum will appear on the election ballot as a veto referendum.  I'm hoping that we will be celebrating that day too.

I mention this because as I've said before, sweet Baby Bunny Lillian has two mommies.  Two mommies who are very committed to one another and love each other (and Lillian) very much.  They are active in the community, both have good jobs, and are wonderful friends.  They had to work hard to have Lillian.  They had to save and plan and be responsible.  

They didn't accident into motherhood.  They had to plan for it.  They had to work for it.

Yet somehow their family is seen legally as "less than" in our state.  And this drives me CRAZY.

The referendum in November is to TAKE AWAY Maryland's same-sex couples' right to be legally married in the eyes of the law.  The governor signed the bill in March, and legalized equal marriage for ALL Marylanders beginning January 2013.

However this referendum can take all of that away.  It's essentially a chance for people who have no vested interest in same-sex marriage to make a decision for those that do.  The people who's lives will not be affected one bit by this bill are able to vote and make a decision to TAKE AWAY this right for other people...other people who's families and relationships are hanging in the balance until then.

Opposers, I am not saying you are not welcome to your opinion.  I encourage it!  HOWEVER, using your religion and claiming your "values" prohibit others from having equal rights is simply unfair.  No one is saying your church must allow same-sex marriage, or that your religious views need to change, or that by allowing equal rights, you are somehow "accepting " of a "lifestyle" that you do not agree with (even though I hate to use the word "lifestyle" when talking about this issue)'s just about offering equal rights to all Maryland families.

Cause this sweet face deserves to have her family recognized legally.  She deserves to be important enough to "count," and her mommies deserve to not feel legally discriminated against time and time again.

And if we have to bring religion into it, than I'll disclose how I feel about the end of the day, MY God doesn't make ANY mistakes.  And MY Jesus told me to do unto others as I would have them do unto me...not to take their rights away and make them feel like second class citizens.

I could go on about this topic all day...but for today, I'll stop right there.


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