Tuesday, July 17, 2012

best laid plans

"The best laid scheme o' Mice an' Men, gang aft agley." ~Robert Burns

Or, in other words, no matter how well you plan out your day with your family who's coming in from out of town, sh*t can still get eff'd up.

It's true.

So this weekend, we had big exciting plans, since Brandon and Ashleigh were coming to town.  We were going to knock some things off the summer list.  We were going to take Ashleigh to her first Orioles' baseball game, and go on a tour of Oriole Park.  We were going to eat snowballs at Walther Gardens until our bellies hurt.  We were going to have so much fun.

It was going to be great.

Until my girl woke up at 5am on Saturday morning complaining that her head hurt. 

Now this was very curious, because Sadira has never so much complained of a mild headache before, let alone one so bad that it woke her from her sleep and caused her to cry/whimper for almost an hour.

Until at 6am when that headache got so bad it made her tummy hurt.

And then she threw up. :-(

Good thing I've (relatively) gotten over my fear of throwing up, ever since I went over the edge and had to catch Sadira's puke in my shirt.  Well, I guess I shouldn't say I've gotten over my fear of throwing up, but I can say that I can handle my OWN kid throwing up slightly better than I could before. 

Still, it makes me anxious.

Anyone with kids (or any teacher) will tell you that once a kid throws up or has a fever, all bets are off. 


So our morning plan of going on a Camden Yards tour did not happen.

We quickly re-constructed our day and decided that instead of going to the Diner for breakfast, I'd run to the store and bring back supplies for a breakfast smorgasbord, then Brandon and Ash would watch Sadie while I ran out to a friend's baby shower while Sadie napped.  Hopefully she'd be feeling better by the evening and we could entice her out to get a snowball.

Yeah, that didn't so much happen either.

I ran out to the store, to come home to find that Sadira had thrown up again.  Her head was hurting worse and she didn't want to eat ANY breakfast.  She also didn't want ANY noise (or talking) and didn't want to see ANY light.

And her head still hurt.


I don't suffer from migraines, but I used to get tension headaches in college, and they were awful enough.  I guess I never even considered that a 4 year old could get a migraine, but after researching it (and by "research" I mean Googling and asking people on Facebook, haha) I found out it's actual pretty common.

And after a call to the doc to rule out symptoms of meningitis (thank goodness) I was pretty positive we were dealing with a migraine.


And one very unhappy Sadira.

Who did a lot of this:

and this:

and this:

And she pretty much wanted to sleep in her Mama's bed with her Mama the whole day.  Which meant going to the baby shower didn't happen either.

And neither did going out for snowballs.

The worst part of it for me wasn't the disappointment over broken plans, it was the waiting.  Knowing that there was little I could do to alleviate her pain, other than the few suggestions I had received, we pretty much just had to hunker down until this thing passed.

And watching your four year old whimper cause it hurts too much to cry, and pat her forehead with her palm out of frustration whispering angrily, "why won't this stop hurting me?!" and curl up in the fetal position with a blanket over her eyes is definitely NOT FUN.

Thankfully a little later in the day, she started to feel well enough to finally eat something and kept it down.  And then Gannie showed up with all kinds of treats and berry flavored Children's ibuprofen, which praise the Lord! she was able to keep down.

So Brandon, Ashleigh, and I stepped out for a few minutes to run to get snowballs, while Gannie stayed at home with the sick girl...

...and when we came back she was feeling better.


In the end lots of sleep in Mama's bed, a little food, a bunch of understanding from Brandon and Ash, and a dose of Gannie magic did the trick.

And the next day she was back to herself.

Peace out, migraine!


Emily said...

This part: "...And watching your four year old whimper cause it hurts too much to cry, and pat her forehead with her palm out of frustration whispering angrily, "why won't this stop hurting me?!" and curl up in the fetal position with a blanket over her eyes is definitely NOT FUN."...made me get choked up. SO SO sad :( what a helpless feeling. I'm so glad it passed and she woke up the next day feeling better.

Erica Martin said...

<3 you're such a good mama! I am so glad the little miss is feeling better. My stomach hurt reading and looking at the pics. I am a Migraine sufferer, and imagining that pain on a 4 year old just hurts me.

Keep blogging, I enjoy reading!!

Donna said...

I remember getting medicine for my migraines when I was about 7. I told my mom when I woke up from a nap after taking it that I was floating. It made me high and my mom never gave it too me again. I hope she doesn't get anymore migraines. I completely empathizes with her. They are horrible!!!

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