Friday, July 20, 2012

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Take a tour of Camden Yards....Didn't do it.  *Yet.

So as I mentioned we had big plans of taking a tour of Camden Yards when Brandon and Ashleigh were in town, but MigraineGate 2012 happened, and we had to lay low on Saturday.

But in the true spirit of resiliency that only a four year can possibly possess, Sadira woke up Sunday morning just slightly sluggish, but quickly perked up when she remember it was an Orioles' Dug Out club game that day.

For those of you who don't know, the Orioles' Dug Out club is one of the longest standing kid's clubs in MLB.  Y'all know I love a good deal, and for a $20 kid's club membership, Sadira gets a ticket to10 Dug Out club games during the season, a prize at each game, a hat, a lunchbox or drawstring bag, a lanyard and ID badge, and discounted concessions at the game ($1 hot dogs and $1 juice boxes).  They also set up a bounce house and tee ball batting cage in the Dug Out club section, along with free face painting.  Any extra tickets (for parents or accompanying friends) are only $6 for General Admission seats, or $15 for Lower Level Assigned seats.

It's just a great deal.

Kerri and I signed up Sadie and Sean last year, and then decided to re-enroll them this year.

Last year:

This year:

So anyway, this past Sunday was a Dug Out club game, and Sadie wanted to show off the fun to Brandon and Ash.

Except one thing, this wasn't ANY Dug Out club was Kid's Run the Bases day!

I didn't even realize until Brandon was checking the schedule and pointed it out to me.  The Orioles do it every year, usually once or twice during the season, where after the game the kids can come down on the field and run the bases.

Seriously, how cool is that?

I wanted to run the bases too, but didn't want to be the lame mom who asked to run the bases and got denied.  Womp womp...

So we make it to the game, and it's seriously like, 127 degrees.  Honest to God, I think we were on the verge of melting into tiny puddles in our seats.

But the that's the cool thing about the Dug Out games...there's always something else to do at the games, to keep the kids occupied and the parents sane.

(Cause let's face it, we all know baseball doesn't even come CLOSE to being as exciting as football is...)

To keep cool we did a lot of this:

and some of this:

And then at the end of the game they got to run the bases!  (And yes, some lame dad snuck in there and ran the bases with his kid...I was so jealous. #NotFair.)

Sadira's first words once she got off the field were, "Mom! Can you BELIEVE I got to run on the same bases as NICK MARKAKIS DOES??!!  Aren't you JEALOUS???!!"

Yeah, Sades, I actually am pretty jealous...way to rub it in.

And because this was so cool, and because this is my list and I can, and because I inadvertently had a double on my summer list, I subbed-in/subbed-out an item on our summer to do list, and replaced it with this one:

#50.  Run the bases at Camden Yards.



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