Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Play BINGO with the Ravens - DONE!  (not on the list, but whatevs)

Do you wanna know how Ravens-crazy this fanbase is?  I'll tell you how crazy.  We go to events at the stadium, when there's not even a game.  And we pay money to attend.  And these events sell out.  And we get dressed up like it's game day.  And people tailgate in the parking lots.

When I write it all out, it's absurd really, but honest to God, it's just so much fun to be a Ravens' fan.

So as I mentioned before, there's a Ravens' women's fan club called Purple.  They have this really great annual event in which female fans are invited to the stadium for a "ladies night out."  They have on field drills, tours of the locker rooms, autograph signings, Q&A sessions with the coaches, and much much more.

Apparently last year, while Lauren and I were busy kicking a field goal, they were running a Bingo game on the club level.  And the numbers were being called by Ravens' players.  Apparently this part of the event was SO popular, that they decided to bring it back this year as a separate event.

Ravens' wide receiver Torrey Smith led the event, and all proceeds went to his Torrey Smith Foundation.

Oh, and in case you didn't know...this is why we love Torrey Smith:

With the 35 seconds on the clock, he dropped what would be the game winning touchdown.  But just a couple plays later, he's was able to come back, catch the ACTUAL game winner, and beat our arch-enemy Steelers (at home) with only 8 seconds remaining on the clock.

THAT's one way to make a name for yourself during your rookie season!

Anyway, so my friend Amanda is a major Bingo-a-holic.  (I am not, but I can hang).  She's been a Bingo fan since we were kids, and goes pretty religiously with her grandma.  If you ever need to get clued in on proper Bingo etiquette, she's your gal.

(She also can tell you anything you'd ever want to know about daytime soap operas, beginning in the early 90s).

So of course when an email popped up in my inbox from the Purple club, advertising the Bingo night with Torrey Smith, I emailed Amanda and asked if she wanted in.

She did.

So tickets were purchased, and the event was placed on the calendar.

Last Thursday, Amanda, myself and her cousin Candace headed down to the stadium, decked out in Ravens' gear with 800 other women--yes, you heard right, eight HUNDRED.  They capped the event at 800, and it obviously sold out.

Told y'all we are crazy Raven lunatics.

As I was walking in to meet the ladies, my heart swelled with pride when I saw this in the parking lot:

That's some serious Raven dedication.

Once we were inside, we picked up our Bingo cards, got our dotters (purple, of course), purchased some snacks, and found a comfy spot in the club level.

Pretty soon the man of the hour arrived.  He was presented with a check for the night's proceeds that went toward his foundation, and got ready to call some numbers.

The prizes were awesome.  They ranged from gift certificates to the Ravens online store, to autographed memorabilia from all the players, to the jackpot prize: a half Ravens/half UMD helmet signed by Torrey himself.

AND, the winners got to get their picture taken on the stage with Torrey as they received their prizes.

Sadly, neither Amanda, Candace nor I were winners.  We were big fat losers.  Womp womp. 

My favorite quote from the night had to come from none other than Amanda's witty husband Chris, also a longtime friend of mine.  He said:

"You know how Ravens stupid this town is?  You could announce, "For only $100 you can come walk across 100 yards of hot coals while Ray Lewis watches on Skype," and 1000 people would show up."

Sounds like someone was a wee bit jealous, if you ask me...


Shannon said...

I love your Ravens pride & enthusiasm. It makes me jealous that we don't have something like that here :) Enjoy it!!! One day we'll join you [I swear!]

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