Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new look!

Uhhhh....who dat?

It's me! It's me! I swear!

Things are looking a little different around here these days...starting with me!  I was offered this great deal for my birthday for a mini-spa day that included a hair cut and color.  Now keep in mind, the only person who's laid a finger on my hair in the past 6 plus years is my stylist, Dana, so this was a total step outside of the box for me.  So I decided to be a good sport to myself and indulge..

aaannnnnddddd dude totally chopped off WAAAAY more than I was expecting.  


If y'all remember, I usually welcome change...except when it comes to my long hair!

In which case I pace, and stutter, and bite all my fingernails off.

I kid.


So imagine my horror when I told dude I wanted just a couple inches off and he hacked off my ponytail...hacked it off!!!!!  I was totally unprepared for that.  I completely forgot that I've been spoiled by Dana over the years.  That MOST hair stylists always cut off more than you want, but not my Dana!  She's a woman of her word.

So yeah, I forgot about that.  And lost about 4-5 more inches of hair than I wanted to.

I think it's even shorter than the time I hacked my braids off purposefully

Ah well, it's cool (temperature wise) and kinda cute (even though I'm not a cutesy kinda gal) and definitely easier to style, and uses less shampoo, so I guess it's economical?

Whatever, it's hair it'll grow.  ;-)

I suppose I was in a "change my appearance" kinda of mood, cause next thing I knew, I was google searching for a new blog template.

You think that'd be the easy part.

Child, please.

I have no idea why I obsessed about this task for FOUR HOURS, but I did.  For four hours. Trying out new templates, tweaking them to the point that they looked okay, and then deciding  I didn't like them.  And of course I know JUST ENOUGH of HTML to be dangerous, but not enough to not spend FOUR HOURS on this task.

I started out with this one:

Which I like well enough, until I realized the my actual blog post would be confined to about 1/4 of the screen. And y'all know I'm wordy, so that was a no-go.  Waaaay too much scrolling down involved...

Then I saw this one:


which I loved in theory.  Until I actually pasted it in and took a look at what it looked like as MY blog...and within the span of one post, I was feeling crazy.  Too many swirls and flowers...I want to look at my post, not that background.  Those swirls started looking like a car accident on the highway---you don't want to look, but you can't look away.  So that got 86'd.

Next was this lovely arrangement:

It's cute.
It's whimsical.
It's cute.
It's sweet.
It's cute.
It's so not me.


This is the one I like to call "that hot mess of a girl at the bar."

the gentlemen out there will know what I mean...at first glance it looks awesome! Likes to have fun, colorful (but not too much), looks like it's got it's sh*t together...but then when you get a little closer and dig a little deeper, you realize the margins are all off, the graphics are running into one another, and everything that ONCE looked hot, know looks like a hot mess.

That blog template will be the one puking in the gutter outside the bar at 2am..mark.my.word.

So then I got a bit creative with this one:

and within a few minutes I thought someone had slipped something into my drink.


What about this one?

yep, that's what I thought.


I ended back at the good ol' Blogger template...and found this one:

which is lovely and calm, and serene, and nicely spaced.

and kinda blah.

I was just about to give up and then I stumbled across this one.  The one you currently see.  And I just love it.  Even though it's very pink.  I love it.  The font is "Parisienne,"  parfait!  And it's just the amount of fun, and whimsy, and grown-up-ness, and organization, and classiness that I'd like to sport on my blog.  Especially at this new age of thirty-fun.

I hope you like it too.

Plus, it's really funny to me to see not-so-nice words in fancy Parisienne font, see?

Ass Hat




I love it. And a spruced up new look for a new year is always a good thing.

And I guess I am starting to dig these highlights...


Lindsey said...

It is short (for you) but totally not SHORT. I didn't even notice it looked shorter than the original braid chop, I just noticed how HOT you look with your COOL new hair! :)

lauren said...

i love your new layout and i really love your hair! i have been itching to chop mine, but i know i'll regret it when it's done! one day! :) *

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