Monday, July 23, 2012

thirty favorites...aaaaaannnnnd go!

 Oh's another flippin' list...

So since this is my blog, and I can make the rules, I decided to switch things up a bit, and start a list of thirty favorites.  Thirty of my favorite things that I just want to share with anyone who wants to listen.  My Nasrene's Favorite Things blog continues to come up as one of my most popular blog posts, so I figure, why not?  Why not post some of the things I just adore?

It's fun, it's light-hearted, and after some of my most recent posts, I need to lighten the mood around here, dammit.

This first item on my favorites list truly is something I absolutely ELLE-OH-VEE-EE.

{camera phone in mirror self-portrait = klassie!}

Why do I love it?

It's ridiculously comfortable.
It's from Target.
It's $19.99.  Hear that? Only TWENTY BUCKS Y'ALL!
It's super cool, like temperature-wise.
A V-neck faux-wrap jersey dress flatters just about ANYONE.
It's $19.99.
Wear it with heels and it's work-appropriate.
Wear it with sandals and it's weekend at the winery appropriate.
Wear it with flip flops and it's casual summer party in the backyard appropriate.

It's $19.99.  SERIOUSLY.

Freakin' love this thing.

So much so, I have it in two other varieties as well...shhhh, don't tell. ;-)

*I have no affiliation with Target, other than spending a small fortune there over the course of my lifetime, and I get no freebies from Target for including this on my blog.  It's just truly one of my most favorite dresses....on the the history of the world.


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