Monday, July 30, 2012

feelin' hot hot hot

Last week, the air conditioner in my car decided we were done.  One minute, I'm leaving Columbia, commuting home, blaring Biggie (cause you know I get gangsta when Sadie's not in the car..) with the cool A/C keeping it temperate, next minute, it's blowing hot air and I've gotta roll down the windows, and turn my music way down to avoid getting the judgy side-eye from the suburban Columbians.


I really, really hate spending money on my car, EVER.

So I just decided I wouldn't think about it this weekend, and deal with it later.  :-)

We had two options...stay home this weekend and lay low, since it's JULY and I have a vehicle with no A/C (boorrrrrring...) or find a way to keep cool and have fun, despite the lack of air.

We went with option two.

So we kicked the weekend off by watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies and making homemade ice cream. (Sorry, London, Sadira was NOT impressed.)  But she WAS impressed with my homemade chocolate ice cream...and I was too!  It was INCREDIBLE.  Very very rich.  The only way I could describe the flavor is that it was like flourless chocolate cake in ice cream form.  In other words, decadent and delicious.

We also made some vanilla in the campground ice cream maker.

13. Make homemade ice cream.

 Prepping the ingredients

Shaking up the vanilla

Pouring the ingredients into the ice cream machine

 Sneaking in a taste

Less sneaky this time.

Verdict?  AMAZING.

I knew there was no way I'd be able to stand being cooped up in the house all we decided to some fun things on our list, that would also allow us to keep cool at the same time.

So on Saturday, we decided to...

1. Go for a ride on the Seadog

The Constellation

Domino Sugars...FYI, the sign is as big as a full sized basketball court

Under Armour from the water!  (Hi Jess!  Hi Lisa!)

Silo Point!  Site of my big rappel, and dirty thirty bash :-)

The Key Bridge

The USS Comfort, basically an enormous floating hospital (I remember taking a tour of this ship when I was a kid with my grandmom)

Those green trees in the distance make up Patterson of our favorite places to walk to.

And as we pulled back into the Inner Harbor...

We spied the dragon boats! Another item on our summer list.

Thanks Seadog!

and since we were already downtown, we figured we would...
21. Visit Pierce's Park and West Shore Park

Sadira was excited to run into the pirate ship we visited last year, the Fearless.

Finally on Sunday we took a trip with Sutton down to Chesapeake Beach Water Park to cross this one off our list...
29.  Go to a waterpark

Floating down the lazy river

Drying off after 5 nonstop hours at the water park

Of course we had to stop and see the Chesapeake Bay from Chesapeake Beach, especially since it was such a gorgeous day.

It wasn't really a relaxing weekend, but it sure was fun.  Now it's back to being an adult and thinking about annoying adult broken car air conditioners. Booo...


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