Friday, July 13, 2012

eighteen down...a lot to go

As I mentioned a few posts ago, we've been making some great progress on our summer to do list.  Now that approximately one third of the summer is under our belts, I wanted to check in to make note of all of the  summer that has been had.

And to prove that I'm not THAT much of a procrastinator...

Here's the updated list:

  1. Go for a ride on the Seadog
  2. Go to Sailabration
  3. See the Blue Angels
  4. Attend a Free Family Sunday at the BMA
  5. Check out the Mr. Potato Head exhibit  at Port Discovery
  6. Have a water balloon fight
  7. Walk from our house to Federal Hill and back
  8. Feed ducks 
  9. Eat a snowball from Walther Gardens
  10. Read 100 books (Sadira)
  11. Read 10 books (Nasrene)  I guess we can see who the overachiever is in this family. 
  12. Go bowling
  13. Make homemade ice cream
  14. Go to a drive in movie at Bengies
  15. Eat steamed crabs!!!
  16. Build a sandcastle
  17. Go on a picnic
  18. Attend an outdoor movie night
  19. Ride the dragon boats at the harbor
  20. Take a tour of Camden Yards
  21. Visit Pierce's Park and West Shore Park
  22. Cookout
  23. Make a robot
  24. Eat a funnel cake
  25. Go to the farmer's market
  26. Do a service project for the community
  27. Go to the zoo
  28. Visit Our Playground at Stadium Place
  29. Go to a water park
  30. Spend a whole day at Annie's Playground
  31. Catch lightening bugs
  32. Make it through all four ballet recitals
  33. Go roller skating
  34. Make Cherry Blossom art
  35. Make flour stars for the 4th of July
  36. Glowsticks in the bathtub
  37. Make a ballet recital shadowbox
  38. Make frozen yogurt strawberries
  39. Study the phases of the moon...using Oreos
  40. Go swimming at Sandy Point State Park
  41. Get faces painted
  42. Play sidewalk chalk
  43. See Brave at the movies
  44. Plant a garden
  45. Dinner at By The Docks
  46. Go to the ocean
  47. Ride bikes
  48. Spend a day at the Fort
  49. Get matching pedicures
  50. Run the bases at Camden Yards.

#45. Dinner at By the Docks

We actually did this for Father's Day with my mom and grandparents.  We have no pictures from inside the actual restaurant, but this one is a cute shot of Sadie and Pop after dinner.

#14. Go to a drive in movie at Bengies

  (Bengies, an East Baltimore landmark)

Watching from inside the car:

Or outside:

And just to kill two birds with one stone, we.....

43.  Saw Brave at the movies

(These are the only two photos I sneakily took, because photos are NOT allowed at the drive-in! Shame on me..)

We made it home with minutes to spare before the crazy derecho storm passed through our area, and knocked out our power. 

#36. Glowsticks in the bathtub

(Pics don't do it justice...seriously, this was AWESOME!)

 #32. Make it through all four ballet recitals

Dress rehearsal

Performance #1

Performance #2

Performance #3

Performance #4


#37. Make a ballet recital shadowbox.

#49. Get matching pedicures

Not to be confused with her very FIRST pedicure, which was this day:

 That's all for now...Brandon and Ashleigh are visiting us the weekend, so I'm sure we'll be knocking more off the list...happy Friday the 13th! ;-)


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